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Since 1975
The most beautiful presentation of the local flavor

Alara Restaurant

Exquisite cuisine, unique landscapes

Alara Restaurant, Muratpaşa, Antalya district, there is a restaurant. The restaurant has a great location at the edge of the sea and it offers a unique view to its customers. The elegant modern style of the restaurant decoration with customers, provides a comfortable environment where they can enjoy their food.

Alara Restaurant, a restaurant offering Turkish cuisine. The menu of regional dishes, as well as the most popular dishes of Turkish cuisine. On the menu of the restaurant dishes are prepared using fresh and natural ingredients. In this way, customers are satisfied and any time it comes to the taste of the food quality.

Alara restaurant operators to meet the expectations of their customers, they do their best. The restaurant staff are friendly and welcoming service. The attention of the customers are met with the friendly staff in the restaurant and will make you feel special.

Alara is an ideal venue for special events and parties in the restaurant also. The restaurant has a special section reserved for private events, and offers a professional service to clients.

As a result, the Alara restaurant, located in Antalya, offers a memorable experience to customers with delicious food and a wonderful view. Restaurant with attentive service and quality is always the first choice among the customers attract attention and management.

  • The Sea, The Sun, the flavor.
  • Fresh ingredients, great flavors.
  • An indispensable address for flavor lovers.
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Alara Restaurant

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